Grand cafe by turkiz is a brasserie restaurant from the creator of the great turkiz restaurant. Our restaurant lays out a perfect synergy between delicious food and a chill out environment. Our raw materials and products are best at quality and exiles in freshness, and our menu, made by our home chef Raz Sela, changes along the day.

    Your breakfasts is a “Grand Buffet”, a rich salad bar which provides the best vegetables and products in the market and its swings towards the health way.
    Lunches and dinners are a free choice from our varied menu, starting from a burger or schnitzel and expanding to tan fried fish cakes and more of Turkiz flag courses. The famous chopped salad is here as well!

    Your dishes could be accompanied with one of the finest season cocktails and any other beverage from the rich, wide choice, wine and alcohol bar.
    If you just pass by or looking for a cool break in your day you are welcome to swing by our TO-GO bar, which contains A1 quality coffee, sandwiches and other pastries all in a smooth TO-GO style.

    New in Grand Café Turkiz
    Open on Saturday from 09:00 AM
    Sushi menu every day after 12:30 PM

    Happy To See You!