Breakfast is served Sunday – Thursday from 9:00-12:30 | Friday – Saturday 9:00-13:00

    Grand Buffet | Served with bread, a soft or hot drink to be selected 68 Nis
    Eggs Grand Buffet | Served with eggs, bread, a soft or hot drink to be selected 78 Nis
    Coffee and pastry | (Sun – Thu) 28/30 Nis
    Muesli | Muesli mix , goat milk yogurt , seasonal fruit and honey 48 Nis
    Fresh Salad | Turkiz’s vegetable salad / with Tahini 50/60 Nis
    Buffalo Mozzarella Salad | Cherry tomato, olives, Basil and Balsamic 58 Nis
    Leaves Salad | A variety of green leaves from the garden, with citrus vinaigrette and toasted pecans 58 Nis in addition of French brie cheese 68 Nis
    Asparaus Rapa With Poached Eggs | Served with brioche, bacon & hollandaise sauce 68 Nis
    Vegetable Omelet (Ig’a) | Eggs,parsley,mint,fried onion and chili pepper, served with a side salad and bread 68 Nis
    Steak ‘N Eggs | served with a side salad 72 Nis
    Roasted Broccoli | Fried poached eggs, parmesan cream sauce, seasoned breadcrumbs, balsamic vinegar 68 Nis
    Tomato Shakshuka | Two eggs , served with a side salad and bread 68 Nis
    Croque Madam | Castan bread , Emmental, ham and poached eggs, served with a side salad 66 Nis
    Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagel | Homemade pickled salmon , cream cheese , served with a side salad. White/whole wheat bagels 66 Nis
    Sabih Wrap | Tortilla, Tahini, Eggplant and hard boiled egg, served with a side salad 60 Nis
    Club sandwich | Homemade pastrami, bacon and mayonnaise, served with a side salad 66 Nis

    Weekend Brunch

    Classic Pancake | Served with seasonal fruit, chocolate sauce and maple syrup 54 Nis
    Filled Pastry With Tulum Cheese | Boiled egg, fresh tomato puree 54 Nis

    Side Dishes

    Tzatziki | Labneh, cucmbers, garlic and olive oil 16 Nis
    Goat Feta | 15 Nis
    Goat Labneh | 15 Nis
    Low – Fat Goat Cheese | 15 Nis
    Tahini |  12 Nis
    Herring | | 18 Nis 

    Bread basket |  18 Nis