Pineapple Brulee | Raspberry sorbet and fresh pineapple cube 40 nis
    Cookie ice cream | Chocolate chip cookie, soft ice cream and Chocolate sauce 40 nis
    Crack Pie | Oatmeal, Vanilla and Whipped cream 40 nis
    Grand yogo | Goat yogurt sorbet, halva and fragments of crispy pastry 38 nis
    Malabi | Turkish style 32 nis
    Chococonut | Layers of chocolate and coconut with vanilla ice cream 40 nis
    “New York” style Cheesecake | Baked cheesecake 40 nis
    Afogto | Vanilla ice cream ball on a shot of espresso 28
    A scoop of vanilla ice cream / Coconut sorbet | 20 Nis
    Special Dessert | Ask the waiter